Hi, thanks again for visiting my website. Some say that I was born with a camera in my hand, well that that's still under debate, however what's not to be disputed is my absolute passion relating to my photography. Photography, like any art form, is subjective, you either love or hate the subject matter; and that like/dislike can also change on a day by day basis, dependant upon one's current mood. I have included a small cross section of my 60.000 images on this website for you to make your own judgement. These images are ones I like, not those prepared for competitions or sale.

These images were captured using various cameras, a small few on a mobile phone. When asked what camera or lense I prefer, my answer always the same, it is the one I have at hand at the moment of capture. All I require is the subject matter, light and luck.

Once again thank you for taking the time in visiting my site and I hope that you have enjoyed my work